Sack and Roam and other poems

by Jane Gilday


tie a slip and you not
anything they taught
half a mind to shout
whole lotta get out

gitchee goomee gumbo girl
wetter than a pretty pearl
in every house right now
whole lotta holy cow

try this at home
kid you not
we sack and roam
mad daddies no catch up
to the new sissy strut

shake a leg and lend a hand
it dont matter how you stand
every sticker gonna bump
whole lotta here we come

give em plenty of rope
every nasty jackalope
diamond ring and ruby thrown
whole lotta no no no

hello future early bird
gimme goody goody words
monkey bizness gotta change
whole lotta free range


got a buzzing in my belly
and it hits me like a rush
your skin is butter honey
gotta sweety sticky touch
you start talking bout your troubles
and i say hush hush
cause i love you
aint that enough

i wrap your sorrows in a package
to ship them on a trip
with a one-way ticket
nobody needs that kinda shit
i’ll be your life preserver
when the waters get too rough
cause i love you
aint that enough?


such a difficult path
to have to wander
wild and bluer
and yonder and yonder.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane Gilday is a visual artist, musician and writer who lives in the New Hope PA area. Jane is eight years old, kinda, who likes to color, sing imaginary songs and dream up stories. Water is her favorite molecule.

diane grondin 3

Photo by: Diane Grondin


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