Radio and other poems

by Andrew Taylor



studio apartment pianist

composes notates

the dinner is delivered


Love is the available transport

courtyard is thoughtful


loft ballet dancer gives

a low

warm laugh


the street is fogged in

radio brings silence





From the cottage window wild deer

roamed paused took a look at the honeymoon couple

concerned with keeping warm


Isolation of the finest kind morning

leads to evening

slow paced      like the Lilac Time

spending summer playing tennis


rescued from routine excitement

loss purged

she appears fresh from Italy with desire

and the knack of making coffee

a rescue act    from the decimation of parted angels


she made him believe in the stars once more


city-centre hotel the turn of the millennium

the river slate coloured       tidal


she watches gardening programmes

and eats room service


a warm welcome after returning from

the hip party

through Mathew street’s madness


the room looks like a shoot from Vogue



The Rainbow


Wood takes two

and a half hours


Paper is product


small talk

over ravioli


battery holds its charge


I’ve seen how

she looks at you


It’s how I look at her


fingers leave marks

there will be DNA


should the rains fall

we will be protected


Don’t be afraid of

the good in this world


Midland corridor

calm window

motorway curve


track takes me to you


December visit my streets


your streets


I walk them to remember

and buy the music


to gift to connect



Cashpoint on Platform 7


nine lines carved

there is a message in that


return with whiskey

an hour tasting tears


Auto switch off





Against the snow the scarf is spectacular it is frozen


Feed the ponies polos an afternoon walk

making own steps heels dance red

bitten fences worn down path


the goat is not in the garden the shed is locked

I’ll look for the first sign of flowers

metal has replaced the arching wood


I asked for a replica a photograph will do



Touch Tour


It makes you think differently about art

It makes you use your brain

and it keeps working even after you have left


cool evening power

clouds angle at odds


leaves fall like light snow

gather centre road


a crushed conker

investigated by sparrow


gloss from rain

reflective light


there is temperature change

a future of dust


to be washed away

on river’s tide


after hibernation

a return



Millers Bridge


Demolished churches warehouses empty

below the brow water calm

ship docked against sunset

Belfast bound with the tide





Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool poet and co-editor of erbacce and erbacce-press. He has a full collection of poems forthcoming from Shearsman. He supports Everton FC.

Photo by Eleanor Bennett


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