Always the Wind and other poems

by Lorraine Caputo


Always the Wind

The wind

stirs whitecaps across the sea

sapphire-blue &

turquoise-green near

the shell-strewn shore


The wind

whips that pale sand

about the malecón

duning around benches

& statues


In the midst of

the wind

I sit       feeling it

blast my hair

& my skin



Within the Shadow


Night empty street streaked

by the pale glow

of lamplight


In her parents’ doorway a

young couple embraces

his kisses flowing

down the contour

of her neck


The bougainvillea

casts them within

its shadow



Somewhere in the Morning Mist


Somewheres in this heavy morning mist

a daughter brings corn masa

back from the mill

an oxcart rattles

hooves soft-clopping


Somewheres in this heavy morning mist

a turkey hen

gathers her chicks

the dogs bark       the roosters crow

& further up this country road

a donkey brays


Somewheres in this heavy morning mist

a jitney passes, journeying

to the jungle border

a man walks along a path, sheathed

machete brushing his leg


Somewheres in this heavy morning mist



Grutas de Coconá


Through your pastel Underworld

I tread

The ground beneath my feet

slick with your earth

slithering across passageways

Above     the bats

fly     their chirps


Walls moist with your sweat

solidifying     over millennia

into green stalactites

A drop


upon my cheek


An ocean of crystalline waves

frozen     flowing

into the next chamber

Rock curtains wavering

in a phantom breeze


Through a narrow channel I pass

emerging above an

emerald pool

into which my Spirit



Embraced by the cool of you,

my Mother

Gently bathed by your waters

I await to reëmerge

from your womb

I await to be




Lorraine Caputo has literary pieces in over 70 journals in Canada, the US and Latin America, such as Drumvoices Revue, Canadian Dimension and ENcontrARTE (Venezuela). Other publications are seven poetry chapbooks and four audio recordings, including Latina Nights / Noches Latinas (Dimby, 2000). She also pens travel pieces, with works appearing in the anthologies Drive: Women’s True Stories from the Open Road (Seal Press, 2002) and Far Flung and Foreign (Lowestoft Chronicle Press, 2012). In March 2011, the Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada chose her work, “Snow Dreams,” as the poem of the month. Upcoming publications include poems in Beat Texas Anthology (2012) and Blue Fifth Review (October 2012). She has done more than 200 readings from Alaska to Patagonia. Ms. Caputo continues journeying through the southern reaches of the hemisphere, listening to the voices of the pueblos and Earth.


Photo by Belinda Poropudas


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