Souvenirs and Some Men Dream

by Reg Deneau



Throughout our lives,

We gather souvenirs –

Tangible memories,

Of places we have been,

Milestones –

Remembrances from our past.


Teddy bears, blankies, Barbie dolls,

Marbles, trading cards, special toys,

Grandpa’s watch, grandma’s pearl necklace,

Trophies, photographs, postcards, stamps, etc.


It’s only on in our later years

That we come to realize,

When many of those ‘souvenirs’

Have been lost or discarded over time,

That these tangible memories

Were unimportant.


The true souvenirs of our lives

Reside in our minds and our hearts,

Tucked away – dust free, never fading –

Available at a moment’s notice;

We need only to close our eyes

And bring them back into our lives again!



Some men dream


Of a friendship like no other,

Forged from the ashes of despair,

At a moment in their lives

Where the future appears most bleak.


A friendship built on trust,

Common interests, open communication,

Respect for each other,

An awareness of each other’s needs

On a daily basis.


In time, perhaps,

It will grow into a relationship,

As that friendship turns to love,

Emotional and physical,

Unabated and unabashed,

A love for all the world to see,

A marriage of two men.

Some men can only dream!

It can never be too late…



Reg Deneau was born in Canada where he attended the University of Windsor, graduating with a degree in Political Science and Media Studies. A teacher in Ontario, Canada for 32 years, he came to the Yucatan in 2004 and resides in Progreso with his spouse, who was the inspiration for his first book of poetry, “Trust the Winds : Poems of a Spiritual Journey”. A previous non-fiction book was published in 2005 by Barnes and Noble in the US – “Not My Father’s Footsteps”. He is currently working on a second poetry anthology, and at the same time, is in the midst of a fictional story relating the trials and tribulations of “snowbirds” in the Yucatan. In his spare time, he is the author of three ongoing blogs…

To read more of Reg’s poetry, visit his blog site www.trustthewinds.wordpress.com

Photo by Dan Griffin


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