What would Mel do?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away known as Milwaukee, there lived an artist named Mel and her little dog, Blossom. Mel devoted her life to a nonprofit called “Hot Boards,” that got inner city kids off the streets and into skateboarding, and when it unfortunately went bust it sank her into a black period during which she retreated into A) knitting, and B) online gambling. She won enough money on option B) to cash out and take a cruise with a friend. A tour to Chichen Itza provided her with her first taste of Yucatan, a taste which would prove irresistible. There was a comic on the cruise and she watched him in action and thought, “Hmmm, I could do this…..” Mel pestered him for information and he directed her to Comedy College.

Unlike many people who think, “Hmmm, I could do this….,” Mel followed up and eventually graduated from Comedy College and began performing with Blossom as a comedian in the Milwaukee area, with the goal of getting hired by a cruise ship and ending up back in Mexico. After three years, she decided the heck with that (the cruise part), rented a house in Mérida, came down and fell in love and just stayed. She shared her experiences with the world via her web page,, a site which she had developed to promote her artistic endeavors, painting, sculpting, knitting and video editing.

She has met with much success in Mérida, both as a comic and an artist, and was featured at the recent comedy fest in Akumal hosted by Standup Records. Faithful readers will be aware of photos of many Mel Blossom’s artworks that have graced the virtual pages of In Other Words: Mérida. Recently, she has begun two new projects, one being a weekly podcast during which she interviews famous/interesting/inspiring friends/ acquaintances/total strangers. She was inspired to do a podcast of her own after she was interviewed on one. Her interviews happen at 5:30 every Wednesday and can be found here:

A few weeks ago, she released the first in a series of youtube videos called “What would Mel do?” In this episode Mel mangles Spanish, buys a loaf of bread, and manages to confuse a whole lot of people in the process. A new video is coming soon! Look for it!


Art by Mel Blossom


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