Pure Phase and other poems

by Andrew Taylor

Pure Phase


Ship the desk

          beach house rental

set tape rolling

          delicate insects avoid movement


keep the gas lit

           meter reversal


shallow water candles

mad dog at the door

hole in the bathroom wall


from the docks sound

         dwelling mixed shared


like a Christmas drink

a patterned carpet


speakers raised ship’s chest

untold stories from the city


that smell from the sea


First Wings


Snow gathered

red cross green arrow


like the toll booth

approach at midnight


it encloses drops

like a trickster


salt clears route

floodlights deflect

columns a permanent




beyond production

logistics warehousing


its thickened air paths

of ghosts lead forward


spooks suddenly


a roadside cat


Slow Connection


So I think of boxes

usefulness and leaving


Reaching beyond the scope

those walkways look ancient

concrete has aged


Second cup of coffee sinks in

the 9.48 moves me


A line to embrace

     England’s green and pleasant

its motorway network adds the soul


Necessary cocoon preferable

carpet pattern is nicer

suits the mood


Physical context furniture

makes all the difference


drain the cup imagine the grounds



Mist House


Solitary cut



headlights into



half light

twin lanes


hedgerow curve

revelation of

mist house


lit from within






28 August 2011


She sticks stickers

     on notebooks that

she will inherit


like clear skies

     that turn to cloud

it’s necessity


dig through sand seek lines

     make camp


verge offers opportunity

     west coast mainline


shortening days leaf

     silhouettes against roofs


picnic near parks

     picnic in motorway service areas

reverb a snare


harvest home

     an M1 trajectory



Arc Light


Third rail flakes as if it’s been

attacked by acid crumbles

like ten year old denim


wait for autumn puddles

for grey reflection

warehouses and frames of engineless



shades of digital distortion

the layers are intentional

you have to dig

even by arc light rewards

are there



Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool poet and co-editor of erbacce and erbacce-press. His latest pamphlet is ‘The Lights Will Inspire You’ (Full of Crow: Oakland) was published in spring 2011. Poems have recently appeared or are about to appear in Poetry Wales, Red Fez, Mad Rush, The Ten Pages Press Reader III and Rain Dogs. He has a PhD in poetry and poetics and currently teaches creative writing at Edge Hill University.


photo by Kristi Harms


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