The Silent Corn Seed

by José Hernández Díaz


para los braceros


At tender dawn,
When the proud gallos
Begin to sing,
We rise like spring flowers,
And walk
To the hungry corn stalks
To cultivate the ancient land.

We follow the river’s bend,
To the land,
And cross ourselves,
Before entering
The rustling stalks.

The immortal ritual of
The sun’s rays

Never fully conquers our resilient backs.

The consistency of
The cool breeze,
Like the ox,
Reassures our
Arduous resolve,
And gently guides
Our calm
The field’s fluid
Atmospheric charm.

It is Sunday,
And tomorrow
Fall shall rise
In the silver thoughts of
Humble sense of pride;

Mexico’s strength,
He used to say,
Lies at the center of
The ancient universe:

In the heart of
The silent corn seed.




José Hernández Díaz is a first-generation, Chicano poet with a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley. José has been published in The Best American Nonrequired Reading Anthology 2011, La Gente Newsmagazine of UCLA, Bombay Gin Literary Journal, Contratiempo, Hinchas de Poesia, In Xochitl In Kuikatl Literary Journal, Indigenous Writers and Artists Collective, The Packinghouse Review, among others. José has had poetry readings at The Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, at The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach, and at El Centro Cultural de Tijuana. José is currently fulfilling an internship with Floricanto Press as a Poetry Editor. In addition, he is an active moderator of the online group, ‘Poets Responding to SB1070,’ where he has contributed more than 30 of his own poems.



photo by Kristi Harms


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