Harbour of Dreams

by Reg Deneau


Within the psyche of most human beings,

Between adolescence and senility,

Exists a harbour of dreams –

One place, real or imaginary,

To which one can travel

Telepathically, instantaneously,

In times of stress or dismay –

A safe place, far from the moment

In which we find ourselves.

In adolescence,

It may be a place to which we’ve never ever been –

“Over the rainbow” as the song says;

As we age, it may be a place to which we have travelled.

In many instances – a place we’ve never ever seen,

Except in a movie or on television or the Internet.

Nevertheless, a safe harbor –

No rocks upon which to flounder,

No storms on the imminent horizon,

No threatening ‘creatures’ real or imaginary, in sight!

Harbours of dreams

Have both beautiful sunrises and sunsets,

And, in-between –

Calm seas upon which we can navigate

The shoals of life.



Reg Deneau was born in Canada where he attended the University of Windsor, graduating with a degree in Political Science and Media Studies. A teacher in Ontario, Canada for 32 years, he came to the Yucatan in 2004 and resides in Progreso with his spouse, who was the inspiration for his first book of poetry, “Trust the Winds : Poems of a Spiritual Journey”. A previous non-fiction book was published in 2005 by Barnes and Noble in the US – “Not My Father’s Footsteps”. He is currently working on a second poetry anthology, and at the same time, is in the midst of a fictional story relating the trials and tribulations of “snowbirds” in the Yucatan. In his spare time, he is the author of three ongoing blogs…

To read more of Reg’s poetry, visit his blog site www.trustthewinds.wordpress.com


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