stern backer and other poems

by Christopher Mulrooney
stern backer
back the very sails
with plenteous wind
see the world go round
before your very eyes
shaving cream
a dollop on those cucumbers
in the hot sun oh
upon those eyes
reeling in shade
baker’s boy
…it sings all winter night in the poor bakery, beneath the crumbs of a bread of light.—René Char
he shifts the garden path
between his feet on the way to work
settling the shadows griping the grosbeaks
all in a storm of fine flour till night
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Christopher Mulrooney is the author of symphony (The Moon Publishing & Printing), flotilla (Ood Press), viceroy (Kind of a Hurricane Press), and jamboree (Turf Lane Press, forthcoming).  His work has recently appeared in East Coast Literary Review, California Quarterly, Umbrella Factory, The Southampton Review, J Journal, Offcourse, Kalyna Review, and Lantern Magazine.
photo by Kristi Harms

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