Los Dichos and A Day at the Beach

by Fernando Izaguirre

Los Dichos

My grandmother used
To say:
Lavate los calzones,”
But I keep
Taking shits
On mountain tops
For the snow
To flush it down the valley.

My grandmother used
To say:
Viene el cucuy,”
So I roll under the cold
Sheets thinking I’m invisible
Like the air,
But I’m not.

My grandmother used
To say: “mijo ven aquí,”
And I come close,
Realizing la chancla
Was scarier than the
Boogey man.


A Day On The Beach

─For my future children

I dipped my feet into
The hot sand, grasping
A portion of small
Sediments that butter
Spread around the rim
Of my toes.

I felt the weightless air
Circulate through my pores
Like smoke in a wet mouth;
The air turned away
And pushed the waves
Towards the shore,
Catching the laughter
Of children building
Sand castles.

Their complexion resembled
Mine: muddy and wet as dirt.
His name was Santiago
And her name was Marisol.

Their happiness dazzled me
Like a shooting star running
Across the night sky.

“I love my children,” I said.
And I could feel my wife’s
Face nudge against my shoulder,
where the sun burns forever.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Fernando Rafael Izaguirre, Jr., was born in 1993. Fernando holds two associate degrees in the areas of English and Mexican-American studies. He is currently a poetry editor for Red Fez Publications. His poetry have appeared in various online and print magazines such as the Rio Grande Review, The Merida Review, Red Fez, and Weber State Metaphor. Eloquence is his first collection of poetry, has been released in September of 2014 by Editorial Trance. He is currently working on his second poetry collection.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


painting by Samuel Barrera


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