Boz and A Song for Everything

by Jane Gilday


sunday morning feels like home warm in bed beloved gospel truth sings boz the lovely
emptiness of winter sun through time-spun window glass and fragrance of fresh-sliced apples
in an old chipped dish mom gave ya years ago, dish & apples on a pine kitchen table top,
bells ring down the lane somewheres, a cat pads thru the room, everybody purrs like family



i sing a song for everything
oh i love who i hate
and i abstain from what i ate
late last night and just this morning
as the gloaming was returning
to the frolic for abstainers
where the servants boss retainers
and do i look like an explainer?
well i’m not but know a major
who’s a miner on the side
when not shopping for the glamour
tho it’s tough because she stammers
with a diction so precise
it’s understood by mice and men
men who wonder where it came from
tho it’s marked ‘not all american’
like songs for everything
where freedom sometimes cringes
by amazon’s red glare
oh gee i really love your hair
did you have it done by sally
grandpa snuck her thru the alley
as the cats played trumpet riddles
where the dogs like moons a little
birds like bees and honey
and too soon someday the planters
start to tango in pajamas
’cause the orbits got all mangled
in the hospital of wealth
as the nurses practice stealth
on account of all the clerics
and most of them named yorick
due to wandering the steppes,
yes all twelve, but i repent
and return anew to singing
endless songs of endless sings
and if i lisped i’d thing of things.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane Gilday is an artist, poet and musician who lives in Pennsylvania. Her artist statement: “jane gilday is 8 years old and likes to color”

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Queen of Hearts/Dog King

(acrylic and interference – pearlescent – metallic – irridescent – rhoplex mediums on canvas

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