Abide and Abode and other poems

by H.E. Mantel



…Would spawn

gamboling a fabulous house!,

of stone and glass and

Jakarta teak…

at the hill

of a roaming meadow set in turquoise and

lavender Echinacea, silvestre susans

and Girasoles,


on a Summer pond,

a visage to the Promethean Autumn,

of Bosc PearApple trees,

les biches and snow…

Rooms begetting rooms, Stories

below and above

with every detail

gossamered in Love

thru every Portal and,







…Sewing needles will

thread in the dark, lightning’ll

be a stored source, green

on the table, no need for

stables, old a collection


no need for savvy,

or to ask a farmer’s wife

does she sow, parades

of air dancers, kenny g

exiled, and dogs named erskine


airwaves owned by the

people, the true meaning of

steeple revealed, no

one leaves on a jet plane, no

need for blame, no laws-no law-


enforcementors, health

food deemed redundant, shelf-life

an oxymoron,

weather’s for sailing, who is

ailing, harp seals pandas


potable water,

people needing people the

only people in

the Morlde`, Barbra unexiled

to real-ly sing happy days


are here, again, and

everyone’s in a slow dance

expertly in charge

of the Love, every game ends

in a tie, all qualify!


(novus vetus universitas)



  – MH



was just a girl

‘splaying rubiauburn caracole

in dingy sunlight

as hungry danced ’round

hungry for something


she was just a girl


a daughter-mother


to skill & scullery

as the others danced

merry into dingy sunlight

hungry for something


& jessedressy


she was just a girl



the strains of music assuaged,

like an unfamiliar bosom’s

familiar melody,

to the wireless

or of the paucitous street

marconi ‘n cheese

never cheesy enough


she was just a girl


whirls, & whirled

of pirates & barons


like a vested, barren jessedressy



restive for something

beyond vacancy

& vacated friends,

now coveted


she was just a girl




of violate pianokey smudge:

what size?  critisize,

home to eyes

streaked like windows

in her dingy sunlight

born to moaning,

when our cord was cut

she cried



is the necessity of invention


she was just a girl


two centenaries

rubiauburn caracole

too soon silvered

to bleach white

like marrowless bones

fed on resentaplenty…

wilting silk flowers


was just a girl


she was just a girl




H.E. Mantel-HaroHalola, Aquarian male, of Hallandale Beach, Florida; poet/writer published extensively in print and Internet e-zines/journals/anthologies, including Ascent Aspirations, Shampoo, Record Magazine, The Apocalypse, A Hero’s Journey Anthology, International War Veterans Poetry Archive, Poetry By Moonlight Anthology, Dilate, Concisely, A Dream In The Clouds, Doors Anthology (I & II), World Artist Network Magazine, Anthology Of Food, Poetry Soup (Featured Poet/Competition Award Winner), The National Quarterly, Caper, Eye On Life (Featured Poet/Competitions Award Winner), Hennen’s Observer (Featured Poet/Competitions Award Winner); awaiting the publication of poetry collections, Bananas’ On The Moon…A Collection Of Revisionist Haiku, & Sophistigates: A New Book Of New Poetry;  musician-vocalist-songwriter, an avid reader, athlete, and devotee of holistic health through vegan lifestyle, ecology and his writing to help our Earth to heal.



photo by Dan Griffin