Buddha Beads and other poems

by Allen Qing Yuan


Buddha Beads


17 spheres conceived by the flesh of earth and water


to keep myself restrained by good faith


rich cocoa coconut shells, albeit grazes and nicks,

each a whim

weathered and dropping


yet so creamy like euphony from the lips

each a whim or wish

unspoken but powerfully recited


inscribed with mini-mighty Buddhas

each a whimsical wish

to be enshrined and embraced


the stretchy wire coiled through and up into delicate loops

each a dying whimsical wish

heading towards where they’re all tied up


the carvings of Asian depictions

each a deflated dying whimsical wish

for luck to somehow hang around my hands




Tree: An Exceptional Inception 


standing on the shoulders

of your elder wood

where the sides curve into faces

long, disfigured yet noble


your arms embrace outwardly

not afraid to be broken,

because they are inseparable


your veiny growth pumps through

the stump, a heartbeat so subtle

like a tambourine against the clouds


your skin is so thick, yet you are so open

learning from the sun

feeding yourself with its rays of nourishment

you will keep rising, like a living legacy.




Komodo Dragon


Staring menacingly at all observers

You being the greatest observer of all


Claws scraping the loose earth

Scaly tail weaving through the sky


Rocky exterior grinding rock

Squinty eyes seeing all


And you wonder

What more is beyond this glass?




Allen Qing Yuan, born in Canada and aged 17, currently attends high school in Vancouver, where he co-edits Poetry Pacific with his mentor-father Changming Yuan. Since grade 10, Allen’s poetry has appeared in nearly 60 literary publications across 13 countries, including Contemporary American Voices, Cordite Poetry Review, Istanbul Literary Review, Literary Review of Canada, Mobius, Paris/Atlantic, Poetry Scotland, Spillway, Taj Mahal Review and Two Thirds North. Poetry submissions welcome at yuans@shaw.ca.

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Painting: Samuel Barrera – detail from SOL