Waters of Dispassion and Beholder

by Carl Scharwath

Waters of Dispassion


Children, water evokes at your swollen feet

A calamitous trap reflects no escape

Clouds wash epidemic rain across the plains

And cover the world’s eyes

……. in forgotten plight.

Insects contaminated droplets of mist destroy the future

Seeds of disease interrupt your destiny to grow

Sunken despondent eyes cry tears of malaria

An allusion of who you are and

…….never will become

Kinship with no one the warm earth waits

The lens of history records a fictional play

Betrayal masked in far away luxuries

Dead bodies of apathy covered with

……. kisses and blankets.




The avenue a watercourse

sloshed by car engines

and forded at stop signs.

A small shoe hole

ingests the dark wetness

of an unrelenting city.

She emerges from umbrage

an angel, a daughter, a mother,

tonight a streetwalker.

Faceless souls peer

from rain soaked portals,

safe from their sins

Empty lives, no regrets,

prostitution pleasures and

secluded emptiness.

This girl is nonexistent.

To them and to herself

a starved life.

Darkness ends, a smile

reveals cocaine stained teeth

and the face of God.


The Orlando Sentinel, Lake Healthy Living, Think Healthy and Mature Lifestyles Magazines have all described Carl Scharwath as the “running poet.” His interests include being a father/grandfather, competitive running, sprint triathlons and taekwondo (he’s a 2nd degree black belt).

His work appears all over the world in publications such as Paper Wasp (Australia), Structo (The UK), Taj Mahal Review (India)and Diogen Pro Kultura (Bosnia). He was also awarded “Best in Issue” in Haiku Reality Magazine. Three of his short stories were published in The Birmingham Arts Journal,The Bashful Beaver Literary Magazine and Idigorising in the UK.

His favorite authors are Hermann Hesse and Charlotte Perkins Gillman.


Art by Jim Fuess