Las Avenidas and Jetlag

by Cesar Love


Las Avenidas

(Inspired by Jonathan Harrington’s “Boulevard”)


I’m here again, walking at nightfall

On the streets of a foreign city


This bright night returns

Her lamps the color of chili peppers

Amber, red and green


Each street pulses like a musical string

Each corner a fret on life’s guitar


I’ve not walked this street before

I’ve walked these streets forever




The vertigo of the traveler’s hours

On lands foreign

Where the bells peel in ciphered counts


In the quadrant of the clock meant for dream

The bridle slips loose that separates

Late from early


When the hourglasses

Gambol like street mimes
Vices of observation occur:

A background pitch

Perhaps from the walls, perhaps from the sky

Quite likely the hum of the Watchmaker at labor


The Morning Star,

A flame luringly indifferent to any watchbearer’s labor,

Undrapes her beam of welcome


One shore could not be nearer to Venus

Yet one hidden hour in fealty with her


Soon the quiet orgy of dawn




César Love is a Latino poet influenced by the Asian masters. A resident of San Francisco’s Mission District and an editor of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, he has worked as a reporter and taught creative writing to recipients of general assistance. His book While Bees Sleep will soon be published by CC. Marimbo Press. He first fell in love with Mérida when he was eleven years old. He had the great pleasure of staying there for three weeks of April.


Art by Judith Shaw