Has your storm passed? and other poems

by Paul Bregazzi

Has your storm passed?

I saw you on the weather report
it said you were brewing
over Mexico
and would arrive
as a teary downfall
by noon.
Of course who ever
believes the weatherman
and we had
the first squall
blowing in
around half

Rus in Suburbe

Behind a straggling chainlink fence
that winds along the motorway,
upping and downing over concrete lumps
hummocks of wire and oxidising car parts,
graze the flock of suburban sheep
spread out springly through the lush
thistles, the verdant nettles,
matching the hue of the galvanizing plant,
the sun picking out their smoky coats
under the shade of the transmitter tree
they wind their way sweetly over barbed wire,
undulating zinc sheets,
fine asbestos shards, enjoying
the season of their day.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Paul Bregazzi is an elementary school teacher in West Dublin, Ireland
His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in:
the print journals Crannóg, Revival, Stony Thursday, Skylight 47 and the Stinging Fly;
and online with The Ofi Press (Mexico), Shotglass Journal (U.S.),
The Weekenders Magazine (U.S.), and Southword (The Munster Literature Centre)
He has been shortlisted for New Irish Writing in the Irish Independent.
Two of his poems were longlisted for the 2013 Fish poetry competition.
He has read his work at the Irish Writers’ Centre, The Dún Laoghaire Poetry Now Fringe, on Cork Community Radio and in the National Library Dublin as part of Culture Night 2012.


Some of his recent poetry appears online at


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fitz painting

Artist: Marsha Strong