Never Lie

by Peter Madoda Bungane


He fell because of pride,
She fell because of vanity,
They both fell into a crimson tide,
Cat out by lightening,
Cast into the deep ocean waters,
Their curse was their undoing,
Never lie, steal or cheat.

If you must lie, lie in,
The arms of the one you love,
If must cheat, cheat death,
If you must steal, steal the,
Precious moments of your life,
We both know the penalty,
For telling a lie – banishment.

You will banished for eternity,
Never to see the light again,
Surrounded by dark images and fiery furnaces,
Sounds of screams and gnashing,
Grinding of teeth and curses,
More curses, more excruciating pain.

I should have listened, oh my,
I should have listened, oh my,
I was going to have survived,
I wasn’t going to end up here,
Oh my!! Oh golly!! Oh whoosh!!
I should never have told a lie.




Poet  Peter  Madoda  Bungane was  born  in  1977  in  Kitwe,  Zambia, a country  in  south  central  Africa.  He  began  writing  poetry  and  short  stories  whilst  he  was  at  secondary  school  in  the  mid  1990’s.  He  draws  his writing  inspiration  from  everyday  experiences  and  blends  these  with folklore  passed  down  from  his  granfather  a  village  headman  in Lufunsa.

His  work  is  reflective  of  the  African  spirit  longing  for  economic  emancipation and  yearning  for a  chance  to  have  peace. The  voices  in  between  the  lines  are echoing  the cry  of  millions  of  Africans  in  diaspora.


Art by Sheila Lanham




Serious Moments

by Peter Madoda Bungane

Serious  moments  are  serious,
The  sun  blazes  a  deserted  sky,
The  moon  shines  a  sparkling  sky,
People  world-wide,  sleep  deeply,
Many  cry,  many  die,  tell  me,
How  many  things  are  in  your  mind,
Tell  me  not  to  think  of  them,
These  ever  so  serious  moments!

Tick  clock,  tick  tock  the  clock
Hands  never stop
If  I  were  a  bee, I’d  be  busy
If  I  were  a  tick,  I’d  suck  your  blood
Wonder  if  that  would  defranchise  vampires
Or  maybe  I  should  be  a  farmer
Feed  the  world,  save  the world
From  what?   Hunger, disease,  No!!!  Save
the  world from  itself.  Serious  moments!

Yes  I  want  to  have  serious  moments,
To share  with  you  many things,
To bring  the  sun  and  moon  closer,
To  bring  food  and  sanity  closer,
Or  maybe  I  should  be  a  farmer,
Feed  the  world, save  the  world,
From  what?  From   itself.
These  are serious  moments!!!
Take  it  seriously,
Better  take me  seriously.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Poet  Peter  Madoda  Bungane  is  exploring  the depths  of  the  African  psyche  and 
looks  beyond  the  cries  of  the  poor  in  subsidy  ridden  economies  of  the diaspora.
He  is  driven  to  write  by  the  images  of  contemporary events  escalating  in  Africa.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
fish painting 2011 acrylic
Artist: Marsha Strong
Fish Painting