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2 poems by Esau Cituk Andueza


Bienaventuranzas (Beatitudes)


They say of those who cut their veins
their bodies flow like a fountain of rubies

they are their own kingdom



Beatified, those who ingest ovedoses

of non-prescription pills:

they are inbetween good and evil



Happy are they who toast with the cup full of lethal acid nectar

Because they know the power of their decision



They say that those who jump into the abyss

and on the side are hoping for the sea or pavement

see God and the Devil



Beatified, those who kiss the revolver

and eat the fruit of the gun

because they know the balance between life and death



Happy are they who put around their neck

a noose, and leave their body suspended in the void:

they won’t be persecuted nor insulted



And no one will torture them, but their names

are written in the rock.



The Mix


My area is a mix of children begging for alms, a boy palid like the cloud selling roses in celophane; another, like a puppet sustained in a box of wood and offering nuts, sweets and cigarettes; a girl simulating a smile of copper when offering her chocolates for 5 pesos, but now they are knocked over; another, with a body of a wire that won’t mature into a woman selling artisan fans. All look with salt in their eyes and their voices rough like they’ve been forced sweets; walking resisting the impulse to run up to the park, where the doves have built the columns of stucco and yell: “Peace! Peace!,” “Live in the city of Peace!” And I can’t close my eyes when the innocence is caught about a bank of this park, I can’t open my mouth when I have to get on the road to travel, that many travelers call maturity and seriousness. But the road that left those children with their little hands extended, filthy from money, can’t jump behind. My area is a mix of ancients seeking alms.
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Esau Cituk Andueza (Tixkokob, Yucatan, 1988). Poet and narrator. Graduate of the School of Writers of Yucatan Leopoldo Peniche Vallado. Author of the chapbook of poetry Without Calm (El Drenaje 2011). Honorable mention in the state course called Return to Gutenberg. Currently studing for licenture in Latin American literature in the Autonomous University of the Yucutan and the School of Literary Creation of the State Center of Belles Arts.




translated by Terin Tashi Miller
Author of KASHI, (Formerly self-published as “From Where The Rivers Come”), DOWN THE LOW ROAD, and SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL
Sympathy For The Devil by Terin Miller
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Artist Nannette Guinto Amorado